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Christmas/Chanukah presents

December 5, 2007

Its that time of year again to open your hearts, and your wallets, and make Christmas and Chanukah special for your “furry kids”. Sure, you can go the boring route and get the basic sweater, food, treats, etc. But this holiday season, go crazy! Here’s a few out-of-the-box ideas to make your pooch’s holiday merry and bright:

  • THREE DOG BAKERY’S GIFT BOXER – $19.95 – $49.95
  • This dog-only bakery is jammed-packed with yummy treats for our 4-legged friends. My own pooch absolutely loves their truffles and beagle bagels. Their gift “boxers” are a perfect thing to keep your pups happy, and stuffed, for the next 364-days.

                                              large_box_itty_bitty.gif                                               beagle_bagels_carob.gif
  • If your like me, and give your dog a weekly bath, the microfiber drying towel is a must-get. Especially if your dog, like mine, likes to dry off by rubbing himself all over your clean bedsheets. Ultrasoft, absorbent and durable and dries your pet without getting you all wet. Pick this up at Trixie + Peanut. 23 E. 20th between Broadway and Park

  • COMFORT PALS PUPPY – approx. $18.99
  • I was surfing the web recently and came across this thing called a Snuggle Puppy or Comfort Pals Puppy. Man, I wish I had this when my dog was a puppy and he had massive separation anxiety. Instead I tried everything else, from a clock in a sock to a warm soda bottle in a t-shirt. Let’s just say….nothing worked. This is a fantastic invention, especially for young dogs, thanks to an internal heartbeat. So, if you get a new puppy for Christmas, I suggest you snag this too.

    pr_95263.jpg   golden_sp1.jpg

  • L.L. BEAN DOG BED – $49 – $99 depending on size
  • What dog doesn’t want a warm, comfy bed to lay on?! Even before I got a dog, I wanted one of these. They are cute, comfortable, soft, durable and come in different colors. Sure, there are some awesome beds out there. But can you get those beds monogrammed? For just $6 you can get your dog’s name on it. Perfect to pull up to a warm fire.