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Baby its cold outside

December 1, 2007

Are you cold? Do you wear a jacket when you go outside now? Well guess what people, your dog deserves to be warm too.Yes, there are some breeds that are cold-weather dogs like huskies and saint bernards, but other pups need something to keep them warm. I recommend a cute sweater or jacket to keep them warm.

Also, BIG, BIG, BIG thing – your dog needs booties for the winter. This isn’t a fashion accessory, this is a neccessity. The salt used by buildings and the DOT burns the paws of dogs. You have no idea how you feel when your pup scream in pain – because you lived in another state before that used sand not salt and had no idea.

Anyway, so, here’s a few shops that have some cute stuff to keep our babies warm

  • Trixie and Peanut: 20th between Broadway and Park
  • Petland Discounts/Petco: cute stuff for cheap
  • Salty Paw: South Street Seaport on Peck Slip
  • GAP: they have really cute sweaters and shirts
  • check out this cute outfit we came acrossshoes.jpg