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Andrea Arden: YES! She is that good

December 6, 2007

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On Wednesday, Dec. 6th, renowned dog trainer Andrea Arden held a free Q + A at The Salty Paw in the Financial District. Let me tell you, she knows her stuff. It was great to meet with someone so knowledgable about dog behavior, and she offered some great tips.

Oh, and guess what New York, there is dog agility in the city! For those of you, like me, who thought their dog would love to run around and do agility, but thought there wasn’t a place to do it. Oh, silly us. Animal Haven on Centre Street (2 blocks south of Spring) is the place to be for agility.

Andrea Arden offers all kinds of cool classes. From agility to obedience to trick classes. Classes run six weeks, for an hour a time, and cost $350. She also offers therapy dog evaluations ($40)and AKC good citizen tests every month (1st Wednesday) for $20. Tuesday and Wednesday’s are puppy play groups, and Saturday’s and Monday’s are small dog socializations. For more info check out her website –

Anyway, for those of you who missed it…which you shouldn’t have…here’s her suggestions…

Your dog doesn’t have to be friends with other dogs
Just because your dog may want to say hi to another dog, it doesn’t mean it should. Andrea said its probably not best to greet other dogs on the street to avoid conflicts.

If your dog likes to bite, make sure their on the leash even in your apartment. When they do something bad, step on the leash and make a big deal about it. The dog should learn that in order to have free reign, they can’t bite.

To keep your dog occupied, and not obsessed with kids, another dog in the house, birds, or boredom when your not home, give them something 1,000x better. Fill a kong with peanut butter and freeze it, so its a challenge for them to get the goods out. Take any toy that is hollowed out and use some turkey, cheese, or whatever your dog likes to stuff it.

Yes, your dog may cry if he goes in the crate. To get them used to the crate, make sure you fill it with their stuff like food, water, favorite toy. Next, sit down next to the crate and spend some time with your dog while he chills in the crate. As he gets used to it, move further and further away. Hopefully, in some time, your dog will love the crate.

A big issue a lot of dog owners have is playing chase with their dog. Sure, its cute and fun. But playing chase leads to a dangerous situation. If by chance your dog gets off leash, instead of staying or coming to you, the dog will think its a game. Teach your dog that “come” is a good word and doesn’t mean something bad will happen, like leaving the dog run.

If you are working with your dog on something, like not jumping on people, make sure your friends and family don’t set them back. Other people can be a negative when it comes to training your dog. Make sure whoever is dog-sitting, or dog-walking, for you knows what is good and what is bad.