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Dogs have allergies??? Um, duh…..

December 15, 2007

Note: Always check with a vet before administering any drugs to your dog 

So there is this dog in my neighborhood. He looks like a mix between a havanese and a maltese. He’s white, probably around 15 lbs and very friendly.

But, I won’t let my dog go anywhere near him.

Why, you may ask. Because the dog has yeast on his feet.

How do I know this, you wonder. Because his feet are red. Red with yeast. It’s kinda gross because it goes up his foot to his ankle.

Is this contagious, I don’t think so. But looking at it makes me sad for the dog, considering the owners says he licks his feet all the time.

Aside from yeast, which yes Ranger did have a little of it but was treated for, dogs are just like humans. As a result, they’re allergic to everything we are. From food to dust to grass.

My friends dog, who had massive health issues, was tested for allergies and was found to be allergic to everything in the book. So today, her little fur baby is on man’s favorite medicine, Claritin, in addition to a dog antihistamine.

Now Ranger does have allergies too. He used to scratch himself so much that he would cause scabs to form. So, as a concerned parent I took him to a dermatologist after my vet said it could be allergies.

Dr. Heather Peikes, VMD is a board-certified dermatologist located in Manhattan. She was amazing. She got on the floor with him, and tested his feet, skin, ears, everything.

Also, she looked at his skin allergy and suggested changing his diet. Diet allergies don’t usually show up until the dog is around 2 – which is basically what happened with him. While we didn’t do the full allergy testing or food trials, Ranger now is on a combination of hypoallergenic food and Nutro and hasn’t had any issues in almost a year.

When should you dog see a dermatologist? When your dog suffers from:

  • Increased itching, licking or rubbing
  • Recurrent ear infections
  • Hair loss
  • An odor of the skin
  • Nail or paw problems
  • Has been diagnosed with an auto-immune skin disease
  • Has a poor hair coat
  • If your veterinarian refers you
  • Possible treatments:

    • food trials to see which protein your dog is allergic too…get ready to try kangaroo, duck, venison and rabbit
    • allergy shots
    • special shampoos for baths
    • antihistamines – like Claritin and Benadryl

    Animal Allergy & Dermatology, PLLC
    Heather Peikes, VMD
    164 West 25th St
    Suite 7R