Baby its cold outside

Are you cold? Do you wear a jacket when you go outside now? Well guess what people, your dog deserves to be warm too.Yes, there are some breeds that are cold-weather dogs like huskies and saint bernards, but other pups need something to keep them warm. I recommend a cute sweater or jacket to keep them warm.

Also, BIG, BIG, BIG thing – your dog needs booties for the winter. This isn’t a fashion accessory, this is a neccessity. The salt used by buildings and the DOT burns the paws of dogs. You have no idea how you feel when your pup scream in pain – because you lived in another state before that used sand not salt and had no idea.

Anyway, so, here’s a few shops that have some cute stuff to keep our babies warm

  • Trixie and Peanut: 20th between Broadway and Park
  • Petland Discounts/Petco: cute stuff for cheap
  • Salty Paw: South Street Seaport on Peck Slip
  • GAP: they have really cute sweaters and shirts
  • check out this cute outfit we came acrossshoes.jpg


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    One Response to “Baby its cold outside”

    1. James Keating Says:

      We purchased a coat for our puppy at Trixie and Peanut, and must say their return policy on defective products is HORRIBLE! They would not exchange it (which is all we asked, it broke in a few days of purchase), and said they didn’t have any in stock, when we earlier saw the same coat in a different color, that disappeared off the shelf after they made up the “no exchange on defective merchandise” policy.

      I have done additional research on them and found that overall their return policy and customer service is abysmal.


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